EH provides the latest and leading electronic distribution channels ideal for independent hotels at affordable rates.

Here is a list of our comprehensive Hotel Software Solutions:

  • Innovative revenue management solution designed for revenue managers
  • Uses big data and advanced econometric tools to provide pricing recommendations
  • Helps manage rate and room inventory of the hotel
  • Metasearch and Google Hotel Price Ads capable
  • Comprehensive reporting and updating from one platform
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Reporting on geo-segmentation, lead time, site referrals, device views, book to book ratio.
  • Direct Reservation Delivery to PMS, including cancellations and modifications (As an additional service)
  • Centralized management of all online booking platforms, easily maintain rate parity without tediously accessing multiple extranets
  • Quick and seamless updates, can even be done with a mobile application
  • Eliminates human error and save time in updating and monitoring multiple online channels
  • Automated allocation updates to help avoid overbooking
  • Monitor multiple channels’ performance, from Average Rates, Length of Stay and Total Revenue to gauge the profitability of every online site.
  • Analyze in real time your competitor’s rates
  • Supplement pricing decision with market data
  • Identify changes in rates and closed out dates of your competitor
  • Understand price position
  • Connected to over 10,000 online sales channels