Did you know that 88 percent of consumers believe online rating and reviews as if they were personal recommendations from loved ones?

That one simple statistic perfectly captures how important online reviews are in influencing purchasing decisions, whether someone is buying from a retail store or booking a hotel room. Given how many online travel agencies make it a point to show the rating and reviews of hotels to their users, savvy hotel owners understand that having as many positive reviews as possible is vital in securing bookings. The only problem is that not all guests leave online reviews after their stay.

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to encourage guests to become your hotel’s “brand ambassadors” on Agoda, Expedia, and others. Try implementing these tips with the help you hotel management services get even more positive reviews:

Make It Easy to Leave a Review During Their Stay

First, make it as easy as possible for guests to leave a review while they are still in-house. After all, it’s easy for guests to forget to write one after they’ve left your property. Start by adding complimentary WiFi in all rooms (if you haven’t done so already). Leave a small card with the WiFi password and a short explanation that you are providing free WiFi to help guests leave a review. The more convenient you make it to leave a review, the higher the chances are that your guests actually will.

Offer Discounts on In-House F&B

Second, try offering something in return for those who leave a review. Now that you’ve addressed convenience, now it’s time to focus on the “reward”. This can be a simple 10% discount in any of your hotel’s in-house restaurants or room service. All guests have to do is show someone at the Front Desk a screenshot of the review they’ve left and they get their discount voucher. The reward can be anything really, but vouchers that they can use immediately are usually the best option.

Just Ask

Lastly, send a quick reminder email. When people go back to work after a nice vacation, they tend to refocus on their tasks and responsibilities. In such cases, it’s easy to forget about things like leaving a review. You can use automation to send out an email to guests a week after their stay that mentions how you were happy to have had them in your hotel during their stay and asking them if they could leave a review. You may also mention something along the lines of leaving a review can help you provide more people with the same quality service that they enjoyed.

These are only three ideas you can try to implement in your hotel and get customers to leave more reviews. For more tips, do not hesitate to discuss the matter with a respected hotel management consultancy like Enderun Hotels.