Hotel F&B Consultants Outline Trends That Will Headline the Rest of 2020

The most successful restaurants are the ones that are able to adapt to emerging trends and the needs of their customers. This holds true even for hotel restaurants. Although more than a quarter of 2020 is already over, there is still more than enough time for you and your hotel F&B consultants to adapt to some of the latest trends. The question is, which trends should you be paying the most attention to for the rest of 2020? Here are four trends to keep an eye on:

Touchless experiences will become more common

We can all expect people to continue practicing social distancing for months after community quarantines have been lifted. Given this, many restaurants will have to adjust and make sure they have touchless experiences in place. It can be as simple as shifting to digital menus that allow customers to send their orders straight to the kitchen. This requires a bit of set up and slight changes to your POS systems, but it is definitely something doable in a short amount of time.

Restaurant cleanliness and staff hygiene will be highly scrutinized

The cleanliness of a restaurant and the hygiene of its staff have always been important factors in a restaurant’s success. It’s just that guests will be paying even closer attention to these two factors in the months to come. You’ll need to adjust your restaurant’s surface cleaning guidelines to include using disinfectant. Servers and food handlers should be asked to wear face masks. These are small adjustments, but these will go a long way in showing your customers that you care about their health and safety.

Menus will start offering more choices for dietary restrictions

Hotel restaurants will need to adjust their menus to include more options for those with dietary restrictions, like vegans and people with gluten allergies. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to create an entirely new menu. Bring your chefs in for a quick meeting to see which items currently on your menu can be converted into vegan-friendly or gluten-free options. This gives guests more choices and allows them to enjoy the same quality flavors that your restaurant is known for. Alternatively, you can always ask hotel restaurant consultants for help regarding this.

Food hall are more than just a gimmick

Variety is the spice of life. Food halls give guests a variety of choices, allowing them to mix and match their meals as they please. It’s a concept that has caught the eye of many hoteliers around the world, and something they are keen to implement in their own hotels. After all, a food hall is a great way to generate revenue from non-staying guests. Try inviting some popular local restaurants (especially those with only a handful of branches) to set up a stall in your food hall. You can then fill in what’s missing by setting up your own stalls.