Your Guests Will Love You for Adding These Innovations to Your Hotel

It’s a bit hard to imagine now, but just a couple of decades ago, the only way to book a hotel was through a travel agent who would have to call the hotel of choice, check their availability, and then make all the arrangements according to the guest’s requests. These days, that is all but obsolete! The development of the internet heralded a myriad of tech trends for hotels, ones that travelers are not only used to, but now demand.

It started with the online travel agents (OTAs) improving guest experience prior to their arrival at the hotel. Now, tech trends have grown to create smarter and better travel experiences for guests during their stay–and you should definitely look to add some of these trends in your hotel.

Not sure where to begin for your property? Here is a list put together by our hospitality consultancy team:

1.) Mobile Key
The execution of the mobile key is dependent on the property, but having a key on a guest’s mobile (much like a QR code) is not just tech savvy, but it is also more environmentally friendly! Doing away with the plastic cards will not only be good for the environment, but it will also help your hotel save! Every hotel orders plastic cards yearly due to guests keeping or losing them. Mobile keys solve this problem with the touch of a button!

2.) Better Internet (And Free!)
Barney of How I Met Your Mother said it best: “Don’t charge for wifi. It makes you look greedy.” These days, wifi should be complimentary. In fact, many hotel management consultants will confirm this statement. Better yet if the internet is strong. Many guests care about this fact, and in some cases it may be what will keep them coming back to your property. (Especially true for business travellers).

3.) Free Pocket Wifi
Some hotels offer their guests free pocket wifi, so that they don’t need to worry about acquiring sim cards or renting one for cities in which they don’t have mobile internet connection. This is a gesture that goes a long way for guests from visiting countries. It is something that should be one of the new standards in hotel services.

4.) Smart App
Apps and smart buildings are becoming more and more popular, and hotels have followed suit. Guests can book a massage, schedule movies on their TV, call for service, and more with their own mobile phone. Hotel management consultants will also tell you that apps will help encourage guest loyalty because rewards programs can be easily integrated into the app and its offered experiences!

5.) Tech Lounge
More than just a business lounge, a hotel tech lounge is a space where guests can access the internet, get work done, or maybe play games. It’s a place where guests can leave their rooms for a different vibe, but still have access to all the technology provided for by the hotel.

As travelers become more and more tech savvy, properties need to keep up with all the different tech trends for hotels. A good hospitality consultancy company will be able to keep your company up to date and relevant in the world of hotel technology, giving you more repeat guests and the loyalty you need for your hotel to be a true success.