Hotel Management Services Share Tips on Getting More Guests to Leave Online Reviews

Did you know that 88 percent of consumers believe online rating and reviews as if they were personal recommendations from loved ones? That one simple statistic perfectly captures how important online reviews are in influencing purchasing decisions, whether someone is buying from a retail store or booking a hotel room. Given how many online travel [...]

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Enderun’s Thought-Leaders Share Insights on the New Normal for F&B and Hospitality Industries

With the unforeseen disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, key experts from the F&B and hotel sectors of Enderun Colleges discuss the best practices and viable solutions to recovery Chef Thomas Wenger Ms. Bel Castro Enderun Colleges’ Assistant Dean Bel Castro and Enderun Hotels’ Senior Vice President Thomas Wenger are two of the most sought-after [...]

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Hotel F&B Consultants Outline Trends That Will Headline the Rest of 2020

Hotel F&B Consultants Outline Trends That Will Headline the Rest of 2020 The most successful restaurants are the ones that are able to adapt to emerging trends and the needs of their customers. This holds true even for hotel restaurants. Although more than a quarter of 2020 is already over, there is still more than [...]

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Focusing on Hotel Cleanliness and Hygiene an Important Task for Hotel Management

When it comes to hotel management trends, cleanliness and hygiene are two features that will be at the top of the list in light of recent events. Ask any hospitality consultancy and they will reiterate that cleanliness and hygiene will be highly scrutinized in the early months after the COVID-19 pandemic. While both are vital [...]

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How to Build a Wine List for Your Hotel Restaurant or Bar

Having a well-thought-out wine list can be quite profitable for any hotel restaurant or bar. After all, wine is a classic and beloved beverage, especially for guests who are out to celebrate achievements and milestones. With that in mind, you should definitely look to build a nice wine list for your hotel if you don’t [...]

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4 Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Look for When Booking a Hotel

4 Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Look for When Booking a Hotel With more and more people becoming aware of the environmental impacts of their everyday choices, a sustainability revolution has begun. Various industries, including the hospitality industry, have started adopting eco-friendly policies and initiatives. Let’s take a look at how Boracay hotels did it to [...]

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How to Reduce Cancellations with the Help of a Hotel Management Consultant

Hire a Hotel Management Consultant to Help You Implement These Tips to Lessen Cancellations While last minute hotel cancellations cannot be completely avoided, hoteliers will tell you that they would like to keep their cancellations to the bare minimum. There are different ways to achieve this, but hiring a hospitality consultancy team is one of [...]

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Your Guests Will Love You for Adding These Innovations to Your Hotel

Your Guests Will Love You for Adding These Innovations to Your Hotel It’s a bit hard to imagine now, but just a couple of decades ago, the only way to book a hotel was through a travel agent who would have to call the hotel of choice, check their availability, and then make all the [...]

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Discover MNL: #StayHappy at Feliz Hotel Boracay

Feliz Hotel Boracay, located in the heart of Boracay, has officially opened in July 2019. Strategically located in the middle of island scene at the D’Mall District in Station 2, Feliz Hotel Boracay offers a luxe new Boracay getaway which highlights timeless design and modern comforts.

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Vegan Menus are Now a Must for Hotel Restaurants

Many of the Boracay hotels that survived the closure or that newly opened have a list of Boracay activities that is complete enough to appeal to every type of traveler.

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