4 Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Look for When Booking a Hotel

With more and more people becoming aware of the environmental impacts of their everyday choices, a sustainability revolution has begun. Various industries, including the hospitality industry, have started adopting eco-friendly policies and initiatives. Let’s take a look at how Boracay hotels did it to give you an idea of the sustainable initiatives you should look for in a hotel.

Focusing on long-term sustainability efforts

Ever since Boracay’s re-opening, there has been stricter implementation of policies to conserve the environment. Hotels have also been doing their share in terms of sustainability. Such practices that help in the long-term are spearheading beach clean-ups, investing in electric vehicles, participating in the proper recycling programs, observing correct waste management, building the hotel with sustainable materials, installing environment-friendly equipment.

Reducing use of one-time plastic

It’s not a secret that single-use plastic is one of the top pollutants in the environment. Knowing this, hotels have also joined the movement to reduce single-use plastic to comply with local ordinances. One great example is Feliz Hotel Boracay, one of the top Boracay hotels in Station 2. Instead of giving out complimentary plastic water bottles, they use refillable glass bottles for water.

Educating hotel guests with sustainability

While it’s great that hotels are implementing sustainability practices, educating their guests of these practices helps in the longevity of this. Hotels can place placards or reminders around the common areas as well as inside their rooms about the sustainable practices that guests can do. For example, one hotel informed guests that they do not change bed sheets daily unless informed by the guest to reduce the environmental impact. By making guests aware about how the little things do make a difference, they, in turn, will be able to bring this awareness and can practice these in other properties or at home.

Sourcing local ingredients

Another practice that sustainable hotels in Boracay do is to source local ingredients for their restaurants. By sourcing local, ingredients are fresher, the pricing is competitive, and the turnaround time to get to the hotel is lower compared to importing them from another city. In addition, sourcing local ingredients helps support the community’s agricultural industry.